The Witch's Song

Introduction to session two

Our gang of thugs arrived at dusk at the unsuspecting town of Auerbatt, a farming community on the eastern bank of the River Bach. Trying to remain inconspicuous with their armour, weapons, and bad attitude as they approached the main gate, our bunch of rascals were challenged by the village militia. After failing to pretend that they were local farmers, then failing to verbally abuse the guards into submission, our well-armed and fearsome group then intimidated the two guards with the threat of impending violence. They were then let through the gates, leaving the terrified militia behind them.

The gang then walked into the Wanton Mermaid Inn, scaring most of the patrons away and making many demands from the innkeeper and his wife. After taking turns harassing the innkeeper, the party is eventually approached by Father Anders, a priest of Sigmar. After taking turns harassing the priest, the party eventually learns that Anders has just come from Faulgimere. There, the priest advised, a witch had attacked the village with foul magics, using a terrible song to beguile some of the villagers while attacking others with searing flames from its fingers. Most important to the gang, the local nobility was offering a reward to seek out the witch in the surrounding swamps and kill him. Father Anders stayed in the common room with the party overnight, but was gone early in the morning before any of the gang awoke.

After a tense situation where Grom demanded the innkeeper sell him his wheelbarrow to store his immense weapons cache, the gang wandered around for a time before heading down to the docks. There, they found a barge in the process of being loaded with supplies- which they promptly stepped on and began untying. The barge captain frantically attempted to dissuade the gang from their hijacking, but our party had the barge floating mid-river and leaving the remainder of its cargo behind on the wharf within a matter of minutes. Fortunately for all involved, the barge happened to be heading to Faulgimere.

Floating down the river, the gang watched the landscape change from towering and ancient forests to fetid bog, and the sinister nature of the well-named Cursed Swap became more apparent. A foul stench emanated from the swamp water, so overwhelming that it has caused two of the gang to become ill. Also, a strange, unnatural fog rolls across the swamp irrespective of the weather conditions. The atmosphere within the swamp is one of menace, with dark shadows and misshapen trees creating a haunted landscape chilling to look upon.

Eventually, the barge reached the wretched village of Faulgimere, a rotting community half-falling into the encroaching swamp and its once-firm land slowly becoming submerged from beneath. It is a desolate place, further confirmed as the gang makes its way through the mud-strewn entrance. There, they are handed an invitation to dinner that evening with the von Stauffer family at their manor, which is accepted by the party. Our gangsters then made their way through filthy streets and across wooden planks over patches of bog to shelter in the Three Boars Inn. The Inn matches the decor of the town, and is a wretched little place with mud-caked planking for a floor, soot-smeared walls, and paintings hidden behind a patina of mould. The gang soon take over the place, harassing the innkeeper and taking over the combination bath/kitchen/privy room to prepare for the dinner that evening. Grom walks around the Inn naked for the remainder of the afternoon, drinking bad ale and scaring off incoming patrons.

After dark, the gang travels through the village and make their way to Stauffer Manor, a dilapidated multi-storey building with a jutting tower serving as a roost for the massive population of pigeons surrounding the place. Inside, the gang dines with the three Stauffers and the menacing Von Schnell. The dinner is a bizarre affair, with the occasional splatter of pigeon excrement from the dozens of birds roosting in the rafters overhead, the mad nature of the nobles themselves, and Von Schnell’s intimidating gaze. However, despite the weirdness, the gang is able to provide Baroness Wandelina with the missive (the bundle protected by a glamour cast by Tam), and negotiate payment from Lady Theodora to slay the Swamp Switch and to also kill “Old ‘Ness” – the Swamp Troll of the Eastern Bog. However, the mental cost of the interaction is significant and many of the gang leave the dinner in a very distracted and distressed state.

The group returned to the Three Boars and – grateful to be away from the von Stauffers – fall to sleep in the common room. And it is at that point that tonight’s episode begins…



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