The Witch's Song

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[Please read the WFRP overview of our campaign to date before reading this material – it helps provide the context for your current quest.]

Fleisher’s offer proves to be fairly straightforward: take a sealed missive to Baroness Wandelina von Stauffer at their manor in the village of Fauligmere. The seal of the missive is not to be broken, nor is the item to be provided to any other party. Further, the gang is not to betray the existence of the missive or its conveyance to the Baroness – especially the other members of the von Stauffer family!

Fleisher also indicated that the Baroness will be made aware that the missive is on its way (but does not reveal how this would be achieved), and that the party will be paid 4 gold for the service – quite a handsome sum! Eager for the money (and to leave Talabheim to let the heat die down), the group has accepted the job.

Taking receipt of the missive (a large 1×1 foot bundle about three inches deep, wrapped in waterproofed leather and elaborately tied in thin strings of complex knots), the gang has successfully departed Talabheim and walked east along the northern bank of the Taleb river. Travelling on foot for several days, the party turned north and strolled along the eastern bank of River Bach, leaving the Grand Duchy of Talebecland behind and entering the Grand Duchy of Middenland. The days are long and somewhat tiring after repeated days of trekking, but it is summer and the weather has been excellent.

As the sun begins to set, the walls of the town of Auerbatt can be seen to the north at the end of the trail. From your understanding, this is the last village before Fauligmere – that village lies a day beyond within the swampland known as the Cursed Marshes.

And it is at this point that this week’s session will commence…



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